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Whether your goal is to manage weight, enhance athletic performance, or find a nutritious option on-the-go, there’s a Vega product made for you. Find out which Vega product was made to fuel your journey.

Know, Eat, Feel, BETTER

Developed by Brendan Brazier, Thrive Forward is a FREE, personalized online program to help transform your health through plant-based nutrition. Explore lessons on everything from energy to stress, sleep, sport performance, and mood—sign up now.

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Team Vega

It takes some pretty extraordinary people to create a phenomenon like Vega. Brendan Brazier is the formulator and face of Vega, but he’s not alone— behind him is a team of people who authentically walk the talk, sharing ideas about health, nutrition, and sustainability because of a sincere desire to change the world. Remarkable personalities, educators, experts, and employees are the engine constantly striving to make Vega better. Why not meet a few of them now?

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Vega Life

There is no better compliment than having passionate fans eager to spread their love of Vega wherever they go. We’re constantly amazed—and grateful—for the rich and robust community of fans who are truly the lifeblood of the Vega brand. Check out the Vega Community, like us on Facebook, or follow Vega on Twitter, and join the conversation. You’ll discover enthusiastic, like-minded members who’ll welcome you to share your personal journey to balanced health (and they’ve got plenty of recipes and tips to trade, too).

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Meal Plans

You know how you should eat, but turning knowledge into practice is the hardest step. Vega gives you a kickstart with a customized 3-day meal plan.  Whether you’re trying to boost overall health, looking to fuel long runs, intending to build muscle, or hoping to drop a few pounds there’s a meal plan for you. With recipes to boot, you’ll never imagine that whole plant-based eating could taste so good.

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About Vega

From humble beginnings in a Vancouver basement, Vega grew from the seed of Brendan Brazier’s idea that clean, plant-based nutrition could be had on-the-go, without compromise. Now a thriving innovator, Vega is proudly recognized as one of the fastest growing and best companies to work for in Canada, year after year. Powered by a driven, vivacious group of people who are just as serious about our work as we are about having fun, Vega is dedicated to doing business with a triple bottom-line commitment to sustainability—for planet, people, and performance. Want to learn more? Maybe even work for us?

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Vega Ambassadors

We’re honored that real heroes ask to be Vega Ambassadors. From Olympians to NHL champions, yogis to soccer players, Vega’s Ambassadors never fail to inspire us—and we’re flattered when they tell us the love is mutual. These high-achievers seek us out because they use our products as part of their everyday quest for excellence, and can’t keep their enthusiasm for Vega to themselves. Vega’s Ambassadors tell their own stories best, so we’ll let them take it from here. See all Ambassadors
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  • Plant-Based in the NFL?

    Catching passes in the backfield. Blocking. Taking handoffs from the quarterback. And switching to plant-based athletic fuel. Typical day for an NFL running back, right? It is if you’re Montell Owens, NFL running back for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Montell surprised himself, family, and teammates by adopting a plant-based diet and now joins yet another team of inspirational athletes: the Vega Ambassadors.

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